Nova Credit
27 MAY 2020
Nova hold news conference on NOVA COVID-19 Solution

Nova Credit CEO, Samuel Ho, and Chief Architect, Albert Lo introduced NOVA COVID-19 Solution with a group of invited journalists on 20 May 2020.


During the conference, Samuel and Albert discussed NOVA Stressed Tool - Event-Driven Macro-Economic Model and Stressed Bankruptcy Score with the press and how these give insights into credit risk decisions. Combined latest macro-economic data (Unemployment rate, CPI, GDP, etc.) through the Event-Driven Macro-Economic Model, Albert estimated bankruptcy rate of the next 12 months is 0.24%, whereas 2019 yearly bankruptcy rate is 0.15%. 


At last, Samual also introduced new MSME Pro, the new service provides comprehensive information on the performance of MSMEs in China to speed up the approval process of lending.


The news conference gained a number of articles and media attention on NOVA impactful Fintech innovations.


Please click the link below to view the articles (Chinese version only).

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AM730 《樓市撐住  諾華誠信料港每月千宗破產》

Headlines 頭條日報 《諾華誠信:港破產率料升六成》

AppleDaily  蘋果日報《諾華誠信推算1.3萬港人破產》