Nova Credit
26 FEB 2021
Nova Nansha is now in FULL OPERATION

Information is scattered across the Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macao Greater Bay Area (“GBA”), resulting in data barriers for the residents to live, work or interact among the cities within the GBA. The demand for cross-boundary financial services has therefore increased significantly. As a credit bureau in Hong Kong, Nova Credit Limited is determined to facilitate cross-boundary financial activities and GBA development by coupling technology and data analytics with the growing needs of Fintech in the area.

We are pleased to announce that Nova Nansha, a Nova Credit’s joint venture company in Nansha, China, is now in full operation. This marks a new milestone in the business development of Nova Credit. Nova Nansha will ensure that its quality services will be strictly compliant with the applicable regulatory requirements in both Mainland China and Hong Kong to uphold data security and privacy.