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Risk Management


Risk Management

We provide assistance in planning and managing the risks associated with a wide variety of matters and topics along the credit cycle. 

End-to-End solution based on your requirement to support in planning, development, implementation, monitoring and review by the use of new technology, interactive tools and innovation to bring value to enhance risk decision.

Business Insight Report

Provide the financial institutions with market information and comparison. Through analysis of comprehensive portfolio reviews at different credit cycles, the financial institutions can visualize a true picture of the existing portfolio and further perform more detailed forecasts specialized in credit risk management.

Acquisition Risk Analysis
It provides insights into new applications from different angles for making better decisions and formulating business strategies.

Delinquency Rate Analysis
It illustrates the delinquency status and related information of the client portfolio based on industry best practices. It provides essential information for financial institutions to analyse their portfolios and make necessary adjustments to their credit policy.

Restructured and Write-off Account Summary
It mainly focuses on the restructured and write-off accounts and shows the numbers and amount of bad debt by different dimensions to help financial institutions maintain vigilance on the losses.