Nova Credit
001 Over A hundred Industry Representatives Attend Nova Credit “Your Credit Your Life” Luncheon After almost five years of persistence and effort, Nova Credit (NOVA) has been officially named as a selected Credit Reference Agency under the Multiple Credit Reference Agencies (MCRA) Model at the end of November last year. To celebrate this milestone achievement, we held a "Your Credit Your Life" luncheon on February 17, 2023, which was attended by over a hundred industry representatives from more than fifty organizations, including banks, licensed money lenders and financial associations. We hoped to express our gratitude to the industry through this luncheon, thanking industry leaders and stakeholders for their continuous support and trust, while also sharing the latest developments of NOVA, engaging in opinion exchange, and sharing with the guests. Mr. Samuel Ho, CEO of NOVA in his welcome speech, reviewed the company's journey towards being selected, including how the company overcame market changes and challenges. Samuel also introduced NOVA's future development strategy, particularly focusing on strengthening its products and services in credit reference services and credit risk management, cross-boundary data connectivity, and FinTech solutions. Many guests at the event responded positively to Samuel’s sharing of NOVA's future development projects. NOVA appreciated the guests' positive feedback. We believed that the opinions shared during the event would help improve our services and drive NOVA towards a better direction. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the guests for their attendance, which made the luncheon a success. NOVA looks forward to continuing its close cooperation with the industry and seizing various future opportunities.