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NOVA x Prudential and KOS launch the One-stop Talent Acquisition Service Platform for cross-sector collaboration

Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu announced new initiatives in the 2022 Policy Address to promote Hong Kong enterprise recruitment of foreign talents. The goal is to admit at least 35,000 foreign talents annually through talent admission schemes from 2023 to 2025. Therefore the government encourages cooperation between Hong Kong recruitment agencies and local enterprises, aiming to attract highly skilled foreign talents to address talent shortages.

The government launched various talent admission schemes at the end of last year, and statistics show that more than 70% of applicants are from the Mainland. Identity verification is necessary for Mainland applicants for job applications or applying for various living services in Hong Kong. Hence, Nova Credit Limited (‘NOVA’), offers a cross-boundary identity verification service to help different organizations to verify the validity and accuracy of Mainland applicants’ identities and background information.

Nova Credit China Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of  NOVA, Prudential Hong Kong Limited (‘Prudential’), and Human Resources and Recruitment Services Provider KOS International Limited (‘KOS International’), have entered into the first phase of collaboration to promote the One-stop Talent Acquisition Service Platform for recruiting high-calibre professionals to support Prudential’s strategic business development in Hong Kong. There will be vacancies at Prudential for talents to search and apply directly on the Talent Platform. Consequently, the HR service provider, KOS can expedite the talent admission process, including arranging interviews, handling employment contracts, and applying for work visas. The Talent Platform will soon extend to recruit other positions in Hong Kong, which aligns with the government’s goal of attracting overseas talent.

After successfully applying for the position, applicants can utilise the Talent Platform to understand various Hong Kong living services, such as banking services, credit card services, accommodation arrangements, health checks, medical insurance, lending services, tax advisory services and training services offered by participating organisations. Thus, with the one-stop services of the Talent Platform, Mainland talents can complete diverse services applications and be well prepared before arriving in Hong Kong.

Currently, NOVA is exploring collaborations with more business partners in Hong Kong to provide services in the Talent Platform, so as to use its cross-boundary services in various business scenarios. This includes offering a legitimate channel for enterprises to conduct identity verification to ensure the accuracy of personal and background information, thereby enhancing efficiency and risk mitigation.

From left to right

Eric Ng, Chief Strategy Officer, KOS International Limited

Benny Tsoi, Chief Agency Officer of Prudential Hong Kong Limited

Samuel Ho, Chief Executive Officer, Nova Credit Limited