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AI Property Valuation


Most property valuation services on the market have limited data of single-block buildings and old buildings. The traditional property valuation process involves significant manual works, and therefore, it results lower efficiency for valuation.

Centaline‧NOVA Valuation+

The solution is jointly developed by NOVA and Centaline Surveyors, with advanced AI models to identify hidden data patterns and perform the intelligent valuation for providing the market value of properties in real-time through our designated Application Programming Interface (“API”). It aims to improve transparency in the Hong Kong housing markets, thus enabling different sectors such as mortgage providers, insurance companies and law firms to assess the accurate market value of a property.

Centaline‧NOVA Valuation+Features

First to market, we provide reliable and close-to-market valuation on a timely basis with over 1 million residential units’ coverage.
7×24 service for real-time valuation
API Access
Reduce valuation errors from time lag in data